Studying At the Royal College of Art: The Benefits of Studying & How to Get In

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    Design Design Mar 12, 2017 11:53 AM EDT


    The Royal College of Art has recently received its third-peat as the top QS World University for the design school class. Hence, here are the most interesting things about the institution. Find out also how to apply as a student here.

    According to RCA's Pro-Rector Academic Naren Barfield on his note in the institution's official website, being a student and a graduate in it gives great advantages. The best of it is being able to study in the world's most influential and prime school.

    "The RCA continues to develop graduates who are confident, smart, networked, future-focused and prepared," Barfield specified about the RCA's graduates. In essence, it's the second reason aspiring students should really try applying for it.

    Outstanding staffs, high-density research environment, and fast employments are also part of RCA's strong benefits along with the two. With the five incredible edge of it over others, it's really a must to apply and try to enter it now.

    For those who wants to know how to get in RCA, here's a process and details for it. First, take note that 2017-2018 school is already accepting applications. It now has 26 postgraduate courses and it's nice to visit the school's website for all its details.

    Notably, one's chosen course might still be changed. It will still depend on his Post Experience Program application. the aspirant's goals will be initially evaluated to find the best-suited one for him.

    Only after getting a green-light from the school's dean and program head will the admission process continue. RCA's formal application with portfolio and resume will be next.

    Lastly, Dezeen told that only the most talented artists and designers get accepted in RCA. In between, they also ask potential, commitment, and ambition. Make sure to have even some of it to experience the fun and prestige the institution has.

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