Stunning Earth Tone Palette Combination Emphasized On a Sophisticated House in Kiev

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    Interiors Interiors Mar 13, 2017 10:46 AM EDT


    In a house in the suburb of Kiev, IQOSA designed a house with stunning Earth-tone interiors. The shades of browns, grays, and blues are splashed on space's furniture and fitting. Find out here how the architects and designers made it as perfect as it can be.

    According to Home Designing, IQOSA used minimalism along with high-end decors to achieve the Kiev house's sophistication. The largest draw of the place is its major use of neutral Earth-tone palette to make it more inviting and spatial. 

    The living room's household pieces of furniture such as sofa, chairs, carpet, curtain and all are in an Earth-tone palette. The colors matched well with its semi-open feature. 

    In connection, the dining room is only feet away from it. This layout enables the guests to move around freely. Once again Earth-tone colors roam around it. The closet facade, tables, chairs, and lights are in the shades of brown accented with white. 

    The kitchen and hallways are also the in tuned with the other rooms' Earth-tone palettes. Though the two are typically removed of any unnecessary and the only items in the hues are the wall and shelves. 

    IQOSA perhaps did all its best Earth-tone color scheme in the bedroom. The bed's base is all brown with matching love seat in the darker shade of it. Then, the walls are in cream-brown to match with the wooden floor. 

    In another report, Houzz also shared some other ways to apply Earth-tone palette at home. From the traditional luxurious to simple minimalist, it's incredibly perfect to match with any interior design.

    Lastly, the kitchen with terracotta wall paint is the best example of the report. Its Earth-tone color is just in fact the most favorite today. It's not yellow nor brown but a mix of the two. The way it creates warmth in the room is just amazing. 

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