Boeing 737 MAX Might Soon Have Its Equally Successful Aircraft Counterpart

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    Interiors Interiors Mar 14, 2017 04:21 AM EDT


    The Boeing 737 MAX is considered as a top-seller and the plane manufacturer hopes to follow-up on that success with the release of their new aircraft line-up. Boeing is struggling to compete with aircraft corporation Airbus.

    The Boeing 737 MAX is frequently being compared to Airbus' A320neo model. According to Madison, the A320neo is even ahead of the 737 in terms of sales.

    This was due to the Boeing 737 MAX having outdated capabilities compared to the more superior Airbus A320neo model. However, this doesn't entirely tarnish the 737's success.

    It's reported that the Boeing 737 Max did very well in terms of its sales. As a matter of fact, the 737 MAX is considered as one of the fastest-selling commercial aircraft in the company's long history.

    While Boeing's existing commercial plan models already seem varied enough, it lacks a missing piece in its line-up. The company already has large wide-body aircraft in the Boeing 737 MAX and smaller ones such as the Boeing 787 and the 717.

    However, Boeing is planning to release a mid-ranged aircraft to fill that missing piece in its line-up. According to Traveller, the aircraft manufacturer is designing a mid-range plane called the Boeing 797. Its interior is designed to incorporate twin-lane aisles. 

    With the 797, the company is hoping to come up with a plane that sells as good as the Boeing 737 MAX. From the looks of its concept design, some companies are already sold on the idea.

    One of the companies that the Boeing 797 convinced is United Continental airlines. United Continental expressed their interest on the mid-range aircraft stating that "there is a need for it."

    As it stands, the Boeing 797 still exists only in concept designs. Once the 737 materializes, however, it just might be the company's next commercial success. The 797 could be the company's answer to the competitive mid-range plane line-up, and a worthy successor to the Boeing 737 MAX throne. 

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