Floating Glass Art: Incredibly Easy and Affordable DIY Inspirations Spotted

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    Interiors Interiors Mar 13, 2017 10:47 AM EDT


    Many houseowners opt for simpler and more personalized items for their homes nowadays. Hence, the DIY interior designing craft came to light. Find out here the best inspirations for your own today. Here are lists of floating frame glass art projects that are definitely easy and affordable to make.

    Floating frame glass art started since before. It uses only frames, mat boards and tapes to do it. It's not only a convenient storage but it makes also as excellent interior styling decors.

    In a report by Apartment Therapy, it shared lots of floating frame glass inspirations. Most of it is materials to be used and how to use them as an ornament. The materials aren't only easy to find but likewise convenient to make into a wall art.

    Starting off with "Pressed Botanical," only pieces of leaves or flowers will be needed for this floating frame glass project. Make sure to dry the chosen natural fixture through pressing it in a book. After, get its all ready for the DIY task.

    For the romantic people, old love letters and relationship souvenirs are also lovely pieces for floating glass frame. Just slip them in between the sheets of glass and secure it tightly. All of it will surely be charming on the wall after curating it.

    In addition, Young House Love Blog also depicted some details in making floating frame glass art. It also gives way for some DIY frame hacks.

    Frame glass might actually be pricey though making use of old ones is also acceptable. Just transform it into something else. Painting and cleaning will be the only thing to do with it.

    On the floating frame glass inspiration, doodling is one of the best ways to get into it as well. Its fun does and easy without overspending, paper, pen and color materials will be the only thing needed. Lastly, it's a highly personalized décor that's great for bedrooms and living room.

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