AIA'S Fellowship: The Dream Designation Of An Architect

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    Architecture Architecture Mar 14, 2017 03:36 PM EDT


    The American Institute of Architects (AIA), U.S, is the professional organization for architects. The main motto of the AIA is to support and extend architectural profession. So they offer- Government advocacy, community advancement, and publicity. Each year for the fellowship a blind panel reviews member's work, nominated by their chapters. Swartz's chapter was- Alexandria. 

    According to AIA, More than 90,000 licensed and associated architects are members of AIA. AIA's most prestigious and lucrative honor is getting the designation of the fellowship of AIA. This membership is only rewarded to those architects who have made any serious contribution of national significance to his work and only 3% of members get it.

    According to Winchester star, Charles Swartz, a partner in Reader and Swartz Architects on north Cameron Street, who's got nominated for AIA's fellowship this year.Charles Swartz stated that when the news came, he was literally surprised. Because among the nominated five Virginian architects, he was the only one whose nomination was not based on a major metropolitan area. According to him, very few architects get this opportunity.

    Swartz also said that he was as excited as stressed when he heard it. Because nomination for fellowship means he had to submit his whole life's achievement, in a huge amount of paperwork, like a book he had to present.Swartz's wife Beth Reader is also a fellowship holder. Reader and Swartz firm accepted the fact that only a few married architects are both fellows. They also uttered that AIA had bestowed the most prestigious honor to Swartz.

    Swartz and Reader's life story proves that they deserve the designation. Without any help, they founded the firm. Within a very short time with only seven full-time architects they won sixty national and state level design awards. They mainly work on- low-income homes, innovative rural housings, museums and reconstruction of historical buildings.

    On eighteenth March, Swartz and other fellows of Virginia will be celebrated in Virginia fellow festival 2017. Then in April, they will be finally introduced to all new members at the Annual AIA conference, in Orlando. As Swartz's guide and pioneer, Beth told that Swartz's designation is the greatest honor of the firm, which inspires them to work together.

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