Design Thinking Process: Importance Of Designing Procedure Raised By Global Giants During Conference

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    Interiors Interiors Mar 15, 2017 02:23 PM EDT


    Design thinking process is something that executives are now paying attention to, specially after the recent conference in Singapore. On Wednesday, top company executives gathered at the Innovation by Design Conference at Singapore's Hotel Fort Canning.

    The conference has gathered executives from some of the world's most established brands such as PepsiCo, HSBC, Samsung and even Nike. According to Fortune, these corporate executives have raised the question of the importance of design thinking process.

    Company heads have wondered if this procedure is vital for businesses and whether or not a Chief Designer Officer's role is crucial for success. Some executives have argued that design thinking process is indeed necessary in the long run.

    "Trust the process, not so much the outcome.", HSBC COO Sandeep Dubbireddi added. Dubbireddi also stressed the importance of risk-taking in approaching the design business. LUNAR CEO Derrick Kiker explained that the problem lies in overlooking the design thinking process.

    Kiker mentioned that "impatient" managers only care about the results, not so much on the process. This takes away the importance of prioritizing the design thinking process, which ultimately generates poor results.

    UBS Wealth Management executive director Sanjay Gour reminded his fellow executives the importance of the client's needs. Gour explained that companies should identify their particular clientele and not to make assumptions about their needs.

    Although the executives at the Innovation by Design conference aren't the only ones stressing the importance of the design thinking process. According to TheDrum, IBM Interactive Experience Partner Stefan Hirsch is seeing speedy results from his business.

    Hirsch explained that his team gave priority to the design thinking process in order to create a new customer experience. This came up with some good results as Hirsch mentioned that the business is improving "up to a factor of three."

    The importance of customer interaction and "human interface" is also something that executives are raising awareness to. A company's design thinking process could very well play a major factor in determining their longevity in the industry. 

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