Web Design Terms That Are Considered As Musts For Aspiring Designers

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    Design Design Mar 14, 2017 12:42 PM EDT


    Web design terms are often overlooked by designers who are starting out in the industry, but in order to become successful one should take heed of these. When it comes to web design, sometimes it's not enough for a site to just be fully-functional.

    A major factor in web design is coming up with a site that's not just functional, but pretty much visually appealing as well. According to YourStory, there are some key web design terms that are crucial in this type of business.

    The first term to take not of is visual storytelling, a term that means encouraging engagement between the website and its viewers. With the use of this term, websites can convince viewers with the use of visuals and narratives.

    The next key term worth noting is wireframes, a basic yet vital part of web design terms. A web designer can't construct anything without a foundation, and a wireframe serves as that structure. This is where a site's blueprints are plotted out prior to its actual construction.

    Another one of the more important web design terms is the utilization of information visualization. This term is used to incorporate a design that can engage viewers by delivering information in a concise manner while remaining as informative as possible.

    A successful web designer should be able to communicate these terms to their clients constructively and efficiently. Of course, failure to do so could result in potentially damaging a site's branding and image.

    According to CIO, there are numerous ways that a website can significantly ruin a company's online presence and reputation. For starters, having a confusing navigation can deter viewers from visiting the site ever again.

    Another one of the key web designer terms that worth being wary of is White Space. This is the blank space that fills the parts of the website that do not contain any text. Failure to properly utilize white space can lead to viewers having information overload, which could distract and even stray them from the more important aspects of the website.

    Taking heed of these web design terms can mean the difference between failure and success. By putting importance and emphasis on these terms, designers can construct a website that's built to last.

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