Most Undesirable Apple Design Exposed

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    Articles Articles Mar 16, 2017 01:07 AM EDT


    Today it's really impossible for people to spend their day without using their mobile or seeing someone else use theirs. There are many lucrative smartphones in the market, but the influence of Apple iPhone on market can't be denied.

    According to ipwatchdog,  A recent report from Apple corporate analysis states that the iPhone has achieved lifetime sales of 590.5million units. Apple has sold 237.2million iPads in three years and there is also a huge craze for iPhone remains. This proves iPhone still maintains over Apple's core consumer base.

    But have anyone ever thought that once combined, iPhone does the most basic tasks though production of it almost done by human hands. According to fast codesign, Isabel Mager, a Dutch designer, reported that to check picture quality one worker takes 3600 images and may be another worker's duty is bolting 2160times per day.

    Mager researched and united at least six- this type works which assemble our high demanded devices. Her animated video- "5000times", showing in Science Gallery, Dublin, as a part of "Humans Need Not Apply" exhibition.

    Mager's motto was to find the exact job of labors. In 2010, when Foxconn (consumer electronic association serves to Dell, Moto) company worker's suicide story went viral, the factory's secretive facts were reported by investigators. But those were not much information.

    So Mager researched more and as a part of it, she separated the MacBook Pro for understanding the properties. As she saw some different sizes of yellow tapes in zigzag position, she decided that there is one person whose work is placing the tape. Then from online factory-inside videos, she reported her calculation of average working time and speed of a worker in a day.

    Mager only wanted to highlight how a stupendous amount of repetitive work is done by a factory worker. Her video was also showed at Dutch Design festival and Indaba. Mager got positive feedback from other designers who wanted to help those workers.

    Mager also pointed that worker elimination and automating work's flow is not the answer to the problem. Only by improving work's environment and by giving proper training in the various field to more people, it can be solved.

    Mager is still continuing her research with experts and engineers to plan her next step. Meanwhile, she pointed the cost-breakdown of iPhone6s from $650 to its one-third, by which 325 workers per iPhone get their wages doubled. It will not be a problem for the users but the workers will be blessed with a little luck.

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