Google Earth Relaunch Highlights Architecture And Design

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    Architecture Architecture Apr 21, 2017 12:02 PM EDT


    Google Earth has been relaunched as a widely accessible web application for Google Chrome that now allows anyone to utilize the product for free, and without having to install it. It also features tools that enhance architecture, which takes the center stage of its relaunch.

    Search within Google Earth has been dramatically improvised, especially with the "Voyager." The interactive guided tours take users on adventures including the tour compilations of Frank Gehry's built projects across the world, ranging from Weil-am-Rhein to Minneapolis. 

    Another valuable experience for users is most certainly the world tour of projects by Zaha Hadid Architects, according to Arch Daily. The project that showcases complex forms and shapes, as well as unique geometries, plays a major role in the product showcase of Google Earth.

    "Knowledge Cards" similarly gives users useful snapshots of information pertaining places and cities as users navigate Google Earth. With over 20,000 different places in the map, the world takes users to an intricate world that offers new angles of perspective on the landscapes and architecture users wish to explore.

    Another feature brought to the Google Earth platform is the much familiar "I'm Feeling Lucky." The button has taken a turnaround by allowing automatic jumping to random locations and providing users with instant information of the designated locations, eliminating the isolation of urban conurbations.

    'You might discover the lush green Pemba Island off the Swahili coast, the historic La Scala opera house in Milan, Italy, or the Zao Hot Spring in Yamagata, Japan,' Google Earth's Gopal Shah said, according to Metro. "Zoom in and see what adventures await you in the new Google Earth."

    The new version of Google Earth can be accessed online or through the Google Earth app on the Google Play Store. Meanwhile, the relaunched app will be made available for users of Apple iOS in the near future.

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