The End of Magnificent Era Of Art And Creation

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    Articles Articles Mar 16, 2017 11:06 AM EDT


    Art happens to be a very influential part of several people all across the globe. Speaking of this, what better place to highlight the best pieces of art than an amazing gallery? However, one such gallery is about to meet a disastrous fate quite soon. The Sandra Gering Inc. Gallery, situated in New York has been about to shut down quite recently.

    Having come as a shock for many art lovers across the nation, the gallery is about to showcase its last exhibition on the dates ranging from May 11 to July 28. According to Art News, Aug. 31, is the tentative date that has been chosen to shut down the gallery forever. Sandra Gering, the owner and founder of the Sandra Gering Inc. gallery considers this to be a major setback to the world of art. Initiated in the year 1991, the gallery did have a very successful run throughout its tenure.

    According to TechTen, the gallery was first set up by Sandra in the West Village region and it later got shifted to Chelsea. All through the years, there have been a number of renowned as well as amateur artists who have been in collaboration with the gallery. The Sandra Gering Inc. gallery, in fact, has been a witness to some of the best pieces of art that you can come across. Initially known as the Gering and Lopez gallery, the place received its present name after an end of Sandra's partnership with Javier Lopez.

    The Sandra Gering Inc. gallery has had a successful run for over two decades, 26 years to be very precise. The last show that is yet to be held within the gallery has given out to Jennifer Wen Ma. Sandra, being the humble soul that she has dedicated her success and inspiration to all those artists who have been a part of her life through these years. An engagement with art happens to be a completely new experience altogether. It is a bond of unspoken words that are more than just audible. 

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