Tesla's Kauai Solar Farm Will Soon Eliminate All Non-Renewable Power Sources In Hawaii

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    Articles Articles Mar 17, 2017 01:00 PM EDT


    Hawaii is turning into a solar-powered community. In essence, Tesla's 55,000 powerpack panels now lined Kauai's farm to give 52 megawatt-hours of power. Soon the place will no longer need petrol or coal to get electricity. 

    The state is really trying to stray away from the use of pricey oil-fired power plants for electricity. The lack of local resources is the prime reason for it. The hefty price of petrol is a big burden to Hawaii's people thus its partnership with Tesla is a great help. 

    According to Archdaily, Tesla's 272 lithium power packs makes up Hawaii's largest solar project. The Kauai farm is yet its biggest move referring its goal to terminate all non-renewable energy sources by 2045. 

    Tesla's Hawaii solar farm is the sole power source that supplies electricity to a community day and night as of now. 44 percent of the Kauai now relies on the power packs more than its diesel and petrol plants. 

    According to the Tree Hugger, the Hawaiian solar farm powers 4500 homes 24/7. With Tesla's acquisition of Solar City, it made possible the state's goal of lowest electricity cost. Only 13.9 cents per KWh is the fixed value now. 

    When Tesla was still in the process of acquiring Solar City, many were so against it. But it insisted that in this way only that the costly electricity will be cheaper. The Kauai solar facility is the prime example of it. 

    The Hawaii solar facility now piques the interest of many. Tesla just proved that it's only a matter of strong will to change a long-time tradition. 

    With Tesla and Solar City's example, the world is seeing now a different side of solar power use. Hawaii is not the only state that got interested in it. A few months ago, the company also installed a large facility in the US. It's surely just the beginning of everything for it. 

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