Architecture and Nature: This House Preserved the Trees Around it for a Natural Look

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    Articles Articles Mar 17, 2017 12:35 PM EDT


    Imagine having a good combination of nature and architecture where your house is modern yet it is in the middle of a beautiful natural landscape. That is what the people at Arcanum Architecture, Inc. did when they preserved the trees surrounding their project.

    Contemporist is an online site that features contemporary art, design, interiors, travel, and architecture, and one of their articles featured this contemporary house with a natural look. The front area of the house appears modern with the signature straight lines and the combination of materials used such as concrete, steel, and wood. Despite its rigid lines, the surrounding area makes the whole look appear welcoming.

    There is a strange balance between the contrast and connection of architecture and nature yet this house managed to wrap around the natural look with the modern look. The people at Arcanum Architecture Inc. definitely know what they are doing. The designs that they have look clean and easy on the eyes as their colors revolve around the cooler shades.

    Even their works prior to the house show their mixture of architecture with a dash of nature. That natural look achieved when they preserved the trees. The other works had flecks of nature here and there but they are mostly plants, shrubs, and grass that are not in their natural position but landscaped to adjust to the house.

    This house, on the other hand, adjusted to the natural landscape thus having that fusion of architecture and nature evolving in contemporary design. There are, however, other greenery added there to accentuate the foliage in the backyard and the areas around the house. To give it that small glimpse of contrast, there is a walkway that passes through all the lush greenery and ends at a pool and lounge area where the residents can enjoy some good R n' R.

    Another thing that made this contemporary combination of architecture and nature is the dining area in this house. It is in a location where there is only roofing and no walls and glass doors thus giving the occupants a good dose of fresh air and a picturesque view of the natural landscape. Here's a good way for preserved trees to offer that natural look in your contemporary setting.

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