NYC Votes Launches ‘I Voted’ Sticker Design Contest For All Talented New Yorkers

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    Articles Articles Mar 21, 2017 04:18 AM EDT


    "I Voted" stickers have been an iconic inspiration for New Yorkers during election since then. Hence, the New York Campaign Finance is once again bringing it back through its sticker design contest. Now, any New Yorker may again join and win the prestige of making it.

    According to New York Times, the present "I Votes" sticker is still the same one 10-year-old Zoe Markman won last 2013. And now it's ready to be changed for the upcoming Nov. 7 city election this year.

    "Allowing New Yorkers to have a say in what their 'I Voted' stickers should look like expresses the unique pride we have for the place we call home and reflects the diversity of our amazing city," the New York City Campaign Finance Board Executive Director Amy Loprest explained. She likewise believes that it will cultivate more awareness for the election.

    April 14 will the last day of "I Voted" design submission. Anyone may join in the contest as long as they live in New York. To take note, it should only have the keywords that should fit in a circular two-inch sticker. No other layout are needed other than the stated.

    According to NY Daily News, it explained how NYC Votes will accept the "I Voted" Designs and its winning details. In relation, its official website will be an important part of it.

    "I Voted" Sticker design may be submitted in the board's official website. At the same time, the finalists will also be released there. After all competitors are notified, NYC Votes will launch a massive public vote for to choose the sole winner.

    In all, the symbolic "I Vote" Nov. 7 sticker will really be the entire New York's effort. From its design to meaning, it's definitely all them. The people will not surely miss the impacts it wants to show to everyone.

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