Architecture 101: Find Out How These Architect Students Won The 2017 Design Competition

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    Events Events Mar 21, 2017 12:50 PM EDT


    Architecture 101 is clearly evident in the work of these students, as they nab the winning spot of this 2017 design competition made specifically for emerging architects. What makes an architectural design a winning candidate is the way it portrays the foundations of architecture.

    However, a little bit of architecture 101 won't be enough to win a world class competition. Specially in the 2017 International student architecture competition by 120 hours, where students from all over the globe hope to produce the winning design.

    According to ArchDaily, this year's project involves coming up with a 100-square-meter design for a school complex in Puan City, China. This design should incorporate both a canteen and a library within the designated area diameter.

    A group of Polish students didn't just applied some architecture 101 in their designs, they also added some technical innovations to their blueprint. Students Agnieszka Kolacinzka and Jakub Andrzejewski from the Warsaw University of Technology came up with their award-winning entry called "IN 'N' OUT VILLAGE."

    This design features more than just basic architecture 101, as it blends the functionality of a library and canteen into one structure. The Polish students implemented an Eco-friendly design in 25 individual huts that span within the 100-square-meter area.

    These individual huts are designed to have the elements of both a library and canteen at the same time. Other entries include fellow Polish students as well as aspiring architects from France, Norway and Canada, to name a few.

    All the other candidates covered all the basics of architecture 101, but fell short in the eyes of the judges. According to the judges, what made the winning design stand out is the originality of its design and the way it gives a "sophisticated" solution to a concept that's been done many times in the past.

    Meanwhile, high school girls are dominating in the architectural design competition in California. According to ValleyNews, the annual Santa Barbara County High School Architectural Design Competition has crowned girls as winners for two years straight. With that said, it looks like the girls in this state are teaching the boys a little architecture 101.

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