Trump Media Enemy Statement Spawns Contest That Urges Artists To Defy Status Quo

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    Art Art Mar 17, 2017 02:56 PM EDT


    The Trump "media enemy" statement certainly did not earn the POTUS new fans, in fact it even spawned a contest that challenges the administration. President Donald Trump has made some controversial decisions during his presidency term.

    From declaring the travel ban executive order to the controversial Trump border wall, the POTUS is certainly making waves in the community. The recent Trump media enemy statements only serves as fuel to an already ravaging fire between the POTUS and concerned citizens from around the world.

    According to Archinect, architecture and design site Reality Cues is putting up a contest that hopes to challenge the Trump administration and current controversial issues. The site urges artists, designers and architects to produce an entry that sends a "provocative message."

    The Trump media enemy statements, where the President declared his stance against media outlets, show that art can be used as a medium to counter the administration's hostility against public opinion. Design entries will be judged based on the clarity of its message, one that opposes the administration.

    Artists who wish to join the contest are also allowed to make a collage out of borrowed work, as long as it meets the requirement of a design that makes an impact. With a little bit of creativity and social media, this contest hopes to gather like-minded artists to use art as a medium of expression to raise awareness on issues that the Trump administration spawned.

    The Trump administration has already generated boycotts and rallies among the engineer and architect communities. The POTUS has provoked even more activist groups, specially after the Trump media enemy statements.

    Now communities are turning to art in order to enlighten the people, which isn't just happening in America. According to DesignWeek, protesters in UK are also using art in their banners and placards, as means to target the POTUS.

    Even non-professional designers are trying their best in creating imapctful art designs against the Trump administration. This shows that the executive orders and recent Trump media enemy statements are pushing people to create provocative art, even those who aren't even artistically inclined.

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