Chvoya ‘House by the sea’ Defies Architecture Local Law With Heights

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    Architecture Architecture Mar 29, 2017 04:42 PM EDT


    Chvoya built a stunning "house by the sea" in Western Russia near Vyborg Bay. In essence, due to the local law, the architecture firm can't optimize the house for landscape view. Now, it just thought of an amazing strategy to still follow the restriction and get the water's site.

    According to Chvoya's official website, the site of the "house by the sea" has a really amazing view of the sea in the north. Supposedly, the homeowner wanted to build the architecture facing it that way but the site restrictions prohibited it.

    To answer the homeowner's dilemma, Chvoya made the "house by the sea" into three-storey. More importantly, it also has an interesting steep roof. The function of the architectural design is to give the best view despite the being construction at the back plot.

    Chvoya went for the entrance, living room, dining room and kitchen on the ground floor of the "house by the sea." It has wide window/doors that open for really nice light and air ventilation. The place is a little narrow but really cozy.

    Then, the "house by the sea" second floor is made with four bedrooms and bathroom. Chvoya designed this space to go along with the height of the architecture. The roof actually covers up the possibility of another level on it.

    For the whole third floor, this one is the reason for Chvoya's height strategy. The "house by the sea" has a massive window on it to get the best look of the sea. It's also great for observing the other landscapes of the area.

    As stated by Dezeen, Chvoya made Russian "house by the sea" packs more than the height it has. Its additional features and material used are also something.

    The first thing is its third-floor lighthouse appeal. At night, it acts as a marker from the waters when lighted on. Another nice addition to Chvoya's "house by the sea" is its skylights on the stairs. It's good for an extra boost of light in the space.

    Lastly, Chvoya just used wood for the whole house. Everything from its ground floor to the upper floors is made only with wooden planks. The added fun of it is the pieced of furniture on it also followed the material.

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