Hyun-Gi Kim’s Red Series Chair Lets You Sit On Human’s Circulatory System

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    Design Design Mar 28, 2017 03:41 PM EDT


    Korean designer Hyun-GI Kim just created a chair that mimics the flow of blood in a human's circulatory system. The Red Series 001 Breath Chair has interconnecting blood bags connected by vein-tubes. It's an eerie yet cutting edge approach on furniture designing that everyone should hear about.

    According to Dezeen, Hyun-GI Kim made the Red Series when he was still in Hongik University. He infused his view of "vitality" into furniture designing hence the result of the Red Series 001 Breath Chair.

    The main feature of the seat is shown when two people sit on its either sides. Both of it are actually made from the blood bags that the fake blood flows on. It then responds to the pressures when seated on so it circulates on hundred of the connected plastic-veins.

    "It reminds us of the muscles and beating of the heart, creating visual and auditory stimulation," Hyun-Gi Kim said about the Red Series chair. "There is a metaphorical meaning in this work. There must be a lot of blood in order for this creature to live a life," he continued.

    In addition, Design Boom also shared more interesting details about Hyun-Gi Kim's Red Series 001 Breath Chair. It's more about the completion of other information about it.

    The Red Series chair by Hyun-Gi Kim has indeed a different approach to designing furniture. To take note, he initially wanted to use real blood but rest that he used synthetic ones now. According to him, those who will be seating on it will experience its concept of life and death.

    On the other hand, Hyun-Gi Kim also used other materials for his Red Series 001 Breath Chair beside the noted ones. When inspected closely, anyone will see that the whole furniture is also supported by a steel frame. The plastic bags are stacked on it to form its shape. Then, the blood on it is used with red acrylics and other chemicals.

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