The Story of Hong Kong’s Dragon-Proof Architectures

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    Architecture Architecture Apr 03, 2017 01:18 PM EDT


    Hong Kong is a place where stunning skyscrapers are in. But there's something different how they make it, there are holes that are called dragon gates. Find out more about the architecture's amazing feng shui story about it.

    According to Business Insider, the gaping holes on Hong Kong high-rise building rooted from the Chinese principle of feng shui. In those, dragons are allowed to pass through going to the mountains everyday.

    A building without the dragon-proof gateways are said to bring bad luck. The example of this matter is the Bank of China Tower which is continually blamed for bad business. In relation, its neighboring companies had experienced lots of misfortunes while near it.

    In a previous report by the Amusing Planet, it shared that architects and engineers in Hong Kong still follow feng shui when designing and constructing architecture. Its all about how everything are positioned in harmony to nature.

    "Everything from the orientation of a building, the shape of the building, the position of the entrance and position of furniture within are believed to influence the prosperity of a business or the homeowner," the report noted about Hong kong architectures. Accordingly, dragon gates are also part of this ideology.

    Even though architects, engineers and designers are already using contemporary approach on architecture. When it comes to Hong Kong, feng shui can't be forgotten. Its a long-standing culture that's a must even for this time. Thus, dragon-proofing are still all over the place.

    The legend of dragons in Hong Kong is actually one of the things regarded with the country's good economy. Because of the geographical structure of the place with mountains and waters, dragons are noted to blessed the area. Hence, they are given thorough importance until today even with architecture.

    To end, Hong kong is a history-rich country and its evident even their architectures. Dragon-proofing or dragon gates aren't surely the only example of it.

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