Art & Technology: Instagram Is Now The World’s Biggest Art Dealer

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    Art Art Mar 30, 2017 06:18 PM EDT


    In the latest report, 51% of world's artworks are now found and bought in Instagram. The increasing power of technology on art is now something that everyone needs to know. Hence, here is a short discussion about it and some notable tips.

    According to Independent, the convenient way of Instagram on photo and video sharing is its biggest draw as the world's newest art dealer. Many collectors and even ordinary people can now be reached by artists in the simplest way possible with technology.

    Instagram promotes and exhibits art the way nothing can beat. It's definitely a huge contrast with how much traditional art connoisseur does it. An example is Brett Gorvy which randomly post anything only for his 55,000 followers. Though, the Jean-Michel Basquiat painting of boxing champion Sugar Ray Robinson changed everything for him.

    After posting the painting, he Immediately got three clients with the highest offer of $24 million for it. In essence, If he didn't post it there it might not get the attention of the people. This is how technology and artworks together now.

    "That's where the future is. It's now, it's happening," Gorvy said on the report about Instagram and art. "It just shows you the power of social media and the transformation of how people are buying," he added about the new technology use.

    In another report by Stuff, it noted some really useful tips for people on how to conquer of art and technology now. Get the best chance now to buy from Instagram.

    The report said that anyone who will use technology for art should trust their personal taste. Upon seeing an art on Instagram, there will be a notable connection with it. Memories, emotions, and thoughts must be aroused by the piece.

    Unlike in traditional art exhibits, Instagram offers unlimited time to consider an art. But when the bell rung for it, it will surely be the perfect one. May it is in technology or in person, the attachment is the key to love any artwork.

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