‘Pokemon Go’: The Top Reasons Why ‘Pokemon Go’ Isn't Your Favorite Game Now

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    Technology Technology Apr 04, 2017 06:22 PM EDT


    "Pokemon Go" hadn't even reached its first anniversary yet. Though, it seems that the game is already going downhill. In the newest update of data firm Comscore, it just showed the sad diminish of its users since its debut. Check out the possible reasons for it.

    According to Forbes, the player's pattern in "Pokemon Go" is relatively easy to guess. When Niantic release an event, users buzz is already expected. Then, it will go away as fast as it came.

    Without any stable excitement on the game, it's really unsurprising for people to lose interest on "Pokemon Go." The cycle of updates has been the only saving grace of Niantic. 

    The same report also noted that the engagement feature of "Pokemon Go" is a huge problem too. When the game came out, the lure of catching monsters has been the hype. Then, it became repetitive with an only little insertion of bonuses. In essence, players are already getting tired of it.

    As stated by BGR, Comscore's latest update about "Pokemon Go" gaming data is now the hottest talk in the web. Accordingly, the data firm showed that only 5 million people are left playing the game. From 28.5 million, the number has fallen down to months past by.

    Moreover, the same report also stated that "Pokemon Go" needs more fun to stay in the game. The freshly launched Gen 2 has done its job already. Now, Niantic only needs to do better to keep its players in the loop.

    Technically, an overall restructuring of "Pokemon Go" might be the only solution to the rapid decrease of its users. Daily quests, lots more bonuses, improved trading and gym battles are just a few Niantic may do for it.

    On the other hand, "Pokemon Go" players are in for another treat for the game's soon-to-launch Easter event. Niantic is expected to announce everything about it in the coming days. Everyone should watch out what it might include now after the downtime news.

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