Motorola 2017 Makes Its Comeback Into Competitive Fray; How Lenovo's Move Cue To Its Success

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    Technology Technology Apr 04, 2017 06:29 PM EDT


    The Motorola 2017 branding has been revived by the company that acquired them. Find out how this move can be beneficial to their success in the years ahead. The Moto branding underwent some major stumbling points within the past decade.

    The iconic brand was first acquired by Google, then was eventually sold to China-based tech company Lenovo. Initially, Lenovo tried to kill-off the Moto branding once they acquired it into their line-up.

    Fortunately, Lenovo made some recent marketing maneuvers that eventually ended up with the rebirth of the Motorola 2017 branding. This was a good way to remind fans how far the Moto brand went from its humble beginnings.

    After all, Motorola always carried a piece of tech history with it. Not just with tech developments, but with its historical phones as well. As a matter of fact, the now-revamped Motorola 2017 brand came up with the first ever portable cellular phone back in 1973, according to Droid Life.

    On top that, Motorola also introduced the ever-popular Android operating system to the world, specially with the introduction of their original Droid model. While Lenovo struggled in deciding what to do with the Moto brand when they acquired it, it's good to know that they finally decided to keep the Motorola 2017 name kicking, with the recent announcement of its new yet familiar signature logo.

    According to Android Headlines, Lenovo decided to keep the products and names of their respective company line-ups separate from each other. Some believe that this is a "brilliant" marketing maneuver.

    With the revitalized Motorola 2017 branding, Lenovo is throwing another potential ace of the smartphone industry into the competitive market table. This gives Lenovo bigger chances of success by widening their market reach.

    Furthermore, there are dozens of loyal fans that would want to support the next line-up of Motorola 2017 smartphone models. With that said, Lenovo's options become more varied, at the same time, fans get to continue seeing the same familiar logo they have come to know and love, making this a win-win situation for both ends. 

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