Matt Lambros ‘After The Final Curtain’: A Photo Documentation of America’s Abandoned Theaters

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    Architecture Architecture Apr 05, 2017 04:05 PM EDT


    Ancient and historical stuff are a hype now in this modern times. Though, it seems not to extend with America's greatest bygone theaters. Hence, Matt Lambros largely tries to celebrate their beauty and architectural history in his "After The Final Curtain."

    According to "After the Final Curtain" official website, New York-based photographer Matt Lambros has been a lover of abandoned architectures since his childhood. This is reflected in his latest photo documentation of the long-forgotten American theaters. He used his artistic prowess to recapture the sinister charm of the buildings.

    Some of the famous theaters included with Matt Lambros' "After The Final Curtain" are Indiana's Pantheon Theatre and North Carolina's Carolina Theatre Charlotte. The photographer went back in history to tell in his book the one-time story of the architectures.

    For the Pantheon Theatre, it dated back in 1921. The grand place has been the home of innovative technology of typhoon air cooling and ventilating system. While its structure is something else too, it made with spacious 1,500 seating and artistic interior. All of it was shown in Matt Lambros' "After The Final Curtain."

    On the other hand, Carolina Theatre Charlotte is also one of Matt Lambros' subject in the "After The Final Curtain." Architect and designer R.E. Hall made it a pseudo-atmospheric theater. In essence, it's like a Spanish Patio especially created to be near the Mediterranean night sky. All the 1,800 possible audiences experienced in its time the highest theater standard.

    In another report by Dezeen, Matt Lambros discussed how he got hooked with old and dilapidated architectures. Some other details regarding "After The Final Curtain" is also discussed.

    Matt Lambros' "After The Final Curtain" brings the best of history from his visits in many different American theaters. The photo book contains 100 images of his trips to the architectural structures.

    "After The Final Curtain" is supposedly a project of Matt Lambros' grandmother influence. Long ago, she was the one who introduced him in the beauty of architectures long-forgotten. His fascination grew along with his skills in photography.

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