Xbox Scorpio News: Everything We Know So Far About Microsoft's PS4 Pro Counterpart

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    Technology Technology Apr 05, 2017 05:59 PM EDT


    Recent Xbox Scorpio news gives more details on Microsoft's answer to the PS4 Pro, including Project Scorpio specs, exclusive features and more. Microsoft is sending a clear message to its competitors that they are no pushover.

    That statement is clear when Microsoft revealed Project Scorpio, along with what this console is capable of doing. According to Cnet, Microsoft is gearing up to reveal big Xbox Scorpio news on Thursday, starting on 6 a.m PT.

    Just like the PS4 Pro, the Xbox Scorpio won't have any exclusive titles, instead it will focus on running current games with 4.5 times the power. As a matter of fact, it is reported that Project Scorpio's GPU prowess is significantly better than the PS4 Pro.

    Fans should expect more details to be revealed during the big Xbox Scorpio news announcement that Microsoft will reveal in collaboration with Digital Foundry. In the mean time, fans can get a sneak-peek on what to expect out of Project Scorpio, since some spec details have already been leaked.

    According to Net Guide, the Xbox Scorpio has some major improvements over the Xbox One. Project Scorpio will benefit greatly from an upgraded ESRAM with 12GB of GDDR5 memory, compared to the 8GB DDR3 memory of the Xbox One.

    Furthermore, the Xbox Scorpio news reveals that the next console entry will feature a design that's described as "incredibly compact." One of the biggest selling points of the PS4 Pro was its 4K resolution capabilities.

    Microsoft isn't willing to lag behind their competition in that department, as it's already confirmed that Project Scorpio can run Forza Motorsport 7 in 4K resolution. The PS4 Pro already has a good 6 month head-start in terms of sales.

    However, Microsoft's upcoming Xbox Scorpio news revelation might turn the tides to the American tech company's favor. With next-generation console variants from Sony and Microsoft, along with the addition of the Nintendo Switch into the fray, this year's console wars just got even more competitive. It's barely the middle of the year yet, and the competition within the console scene is already heating up.

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