Artitecture On Full Display In These Artistic Miniature Architectural Designs That Make Most Out Of Space

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    Architecture Architecture Apr 03, 2017 01:22 PM EDT


    Artitecture combines the best parts of both art and architecture, and these masterful works highlight the beauty of making the most out of space. Creating a grand architectural design with the limitations of space can prove to be quite a difficult task.

    This is the challenge that architecture firm ZAO/standardarchitecture faced when taking on a project that requires them to build a hostel in an ancient tight-spaced area in Beijing, called Hutong. According to Dezeen, architect Zhang Ke, along with his architectural team, opted to focus on artitecture by incorporating a hostel design using "tiny rooms."

    This miniature architecture does not only maximize space within a small area, it also creates an artistic effect making the hostel's design look quaint and elegant. Ke explains that the artitecture behind this design hopes to revive an area in desperate need of renewal.

    Hutong is known for its traditional courtyards that can only be found in this part of China. However, most of Hutong is "gradually" being demolished, which gives Ke and his team a sense of urgency in restoring it before this historical area becomes lost forever. In order so do so, ZAO/standardarchitecture implemented a design that screams artitecture.

    From the use of concrete and wooden boards, to the optimization of space and angles to eliminate the cramped feeling of tight spaces, this hostel certainly makes the most out of its 30 square-meter space. While this hostel caters to its residents, another form of artitecture hopes to cater to those who appreciate art in general.

    According to CreativeBoom, London artist Owen Gildersleeve used paper, lighting and shadow effect to create a miniature architecture like none other. Unlike Ke's hostel design, Gildersleeve's artitecture functions purely as a form of artistic expression.

    Letting shadows naturally form an architectural design isn't exactly a usual practice, but Gildersleeve properly utilized this technique to perfection. These instances of artitecture proves that ambitious designs can also be crafted in even the smallest spaces.

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