Jar Glass Decor Ideas: Easy & Cheap DIY Crafts For Your Home

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    Interiors Interiors Mar 30, 2017 06:13 PM EDT


    Sometimes accessorizing one's home doesn't actually need to be costly. Check out these jar glass DIY crafts ideas that will surely fill any home with beauty in the most affordable way.

    In a previous report by Country Living, it gave lots of really nice inspirations for jar glass DIY crafts. Repurposing those nonessential things in the kitchen will surely be fun with it now.

    The first DIY craft inspiration for jar glass is canning. It is a form of preservation that enables fruits or vegetables to get better with age. To do this, just fill the container with water and put any of the two in it. 

    Candle DIY craft is also applicable for any jar glass. Crayons may also be incorporated for the cheapest deal with it. Just burn the art material to turn it into liquid. Then, pour it directly into the pot. Another kind of this filling project is a moss terrarium. This time rocks, soil, and plants are the star. It will turn now into a small garden best as table accessory.

    A jar glass is a really flexible item that's incredible for any DIY crafts. It can turn into an organizer, shakers, tumblers, vase, lantern, glass, and more. It can simply be everything in the house.

    On the other hand, Apartment Therapy shared how to easily remove labels in jar glasses. It's massively the hindrance for many to try out any DIY craft with it. Sometimes, they just give up on clearing away the nuisance.

    To begin, wash first the DIY craft jars for then remove the lids. Put them now on a container then pour water and soap on it. The liquid must cover everything because it needs to set the right temperature for the label to fall off.

    After some minutes, turn off the heat and check whether the labels can be nudged from the jar now. If it's successful, all of it may now be used for any type DIY craft now!

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