Energy Efficient Solid And Strong Bamboo House

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    Articles Articles Apr 14, 2017 10:54 AM EDT


    Bamboo is a really fast growing wood. It is quite strong too if laid out correctly, it can be used to make houses and that is exactly what has been done. Recent news report that a bamboo house has been built which is both highly energy efficient as well as strong enough to be supported on its own.

    Arch Daily released an article regarding this a recently where they revealed many pictures of the brand new architecture. A house which's supports are made entirely out of bamboo does not just look nice, it is very strong as well.

    According to Platforma Arquitectura, the project was started in 2016, it originates in China and the house itself is 320 metres squre. The house itself looks really beautiful and the bamboo acts as the floor and foundation. Each "pillar" of foundation is four large and straight rods of bamboo clamped together.

    The floors and pillars connect using metal braces which holds it all together. Due to the rod of the bamboo being perfectly straight, the load of the house does not remain on the bamboo, it is transferred down to the solid ground underneath.

    This house is also very efficient for various reasons. For starters the main elements are made out of bamboo which is the fastes growing wood in the world. It can grow up to six feet per day and so all the materials needed for this house can be harvested in a day without any loss of wood depending on how many trees are planted.

    Secondly, due to the insulating property of the wood and the hollow center of bamboo, the house is highly energy efficient and will keep the bad weather out and the desired temperature in. Bamboo is also waterproof and has a round shape which leaves it with no weakpoints.

    It's glossy outer part protects it from getting weathered. All in all this house is not only stylish, but it is a great energy saver and it is strong as well.

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