Petersen Museum In LA Recieves American Architecture Award

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    Articles Articles Apr 14, 2017 01:25 PM EDT


    Recent news went wild when it was heard that the american architecture award was given. Things became even more surprising when it was realized that the award was given to the Petersen Museum in Los Angeles, United States.

    This award, the American Architecture award, is given every year to amazing pieces of modern architecture that takes everyone's breath away. Last year, 2016, it was given to modern houses, buildings, and other structures that were displayed proudly in the United States.

    This year it was given to various buildings, one of them was the Petersen Museum in Los Angeles. This building is a very unique looking building which is a large giant rectangle which is covered by metallic swirls of various designs which distorted the rectangular shape.

    Curbed, Los Angeles calls it the most loathed building in LA. People generally don't like the way this building is shaped and on top of that they say that this funky modern design should not be one to represent a museum. This is because a museum holds respectful history that withstood the test of time and it should have a more elegant and historical design.

    A lot of debate went on about this but the judges that were selecting the 79 buildings for this year said that it is a very unique and unforgettable design. Archinect said that this building received a lot of criticism from architectural critics. However the building won amongst the other great buildings which took part in this competition.

    The Main Museum of Los Angeles also won this year even though it is nowhere near completed yet and not open as well to the public. This is also raising some eyebrows. Overall, most of the selected buildings that won this year did deserve the win even if some received some criticism.

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