Contractos And Architects Submit Proposals To Trump For His Wall

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    Articles Articles Apr 14, 2017 01:20 PM EDT


    Both sides, Mexico and the United States have had architects and contractors submitting proposals about the "Wall" trump wants to make. They said that it is not unethical and say there is nothing wrong with it. This is raising some eyebrows.

    Architecture Design shows a beautifully made illustration of the Mexican border with a large, white, bridge looking wall that is mainly a see through material. On the other side there is a great natural view of a desert mixed with some palm trees.

    This could very likely be a proposal of the wall and it is clear that the architects are trying to take advantage of the wall decision by making it look nice. The designs are being sent to the US Department of Homeland Security. According to people, it is not unethical.

    They say that building a wall to fight against crime is ethical. In their views, trump is building a wall to eradicate illegal immigration and smuggling from Mexico. They are completely on support with that, even people who live in Mexico.

    People are also saying that if the wall is needed by the people near the borders for their safety, then it should be made as safe as possible. This also means that the designs submitted will not just be safe, but they will be creative and have bridges, openings, efficiency, etc.

    It is a once in a lifetime opportunity for any architect to build a giant wall between two countries, and even though it is highly controversial for most people, for them it is not. The biggest propsal is sent by a team called "MADE" which features designs in Dezeen.

    Whether or not this propsal will be accepted, it is unknown. It is not even known if the wall will be built considering it is highly expensive and adding an architectural design into it will just make matters more expensive.

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