Grimshaw Creates Home For Children With Moving Blocks

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    Articles Articles Apr 17, 2017 11:21 AM EDT


    Youth homelessness has also become a problem these days. A lot of initiatives are being held to try and avoid it, or to at least help it out. An Australian firm called Grimshaw has recently created a children's house which is really cheap and easy to make. This is because they want to take part in that initiative.

    Daydec said that this was intended as a children's play house which showed a lot of children in a backyard making use of this beautiful yet simple design. The design is mainly featured out of wood and wood like material with a lot of see through panels.

    It is made almost entirely out of quadrilateral shapes and the best part it is that it is highly customizable. It is made from moving blocks which can be moved around to give the house more or less openings. It can even be used to fill voids, create voids, and it can even be used to make hidden storage places.

    This entire house was made because of the flower show of 2017 which was held in melbourne, and that is why some pictures of the house at Design Boom show a beautiful mini garden being places in the house adding more to its beauty. This house is called the "cubby" house and some people are calling it the ultimate cubby.

    This is called the ultimate cubby because unlike other cubbies, this one allows the children to manipulate the home and transform it into the way they want it to be. This gives them a sense of independence and purpose as well as power to some degree.

    This also doubles as awareness for homeless youth and children and how people need to know that this is a problem and needs to be fixed. The house was auctioned off recently where a lucky family may be able to buy it and put it in their own back yard.

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