Staghorn Ferns Are Both Eco Friendly And Save Space

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    Art Art Apr 20, 2017 12:04 PM EDT


    Plants are in almost every single house. Most people would at least keep a small herb or fern in the corner of their balcony. However, there are also really small apartments which do not have a lot of space. A lot of people live in those and may not have enough room to actually keep a big and healthy plant in there. This is where the Staghorn Fern comes in.

    According to Property Soup, if someone does not have sufficient space in their homes but they want the benefits of a plant such as its looks and its positive health affects on the world, then they should get a Staghorn fern. These ferns have the ability to be mounted on to vertical walls.

    They are not like normal plants which sit on a base, or ceiling plants which hang from a ceiling making them a bit dangerous with heavy plants. These ferns are literally mounted sideways on a vertical wall. According to Apartment Therapy, this not only saves space but it makes a great wall decorative item.

    These ferns are quite unique and beautiful but it is said they can be a bit fussy as well. However with proper care they make the best "3D" looking wall decor which makes the wall feel less flat as well. the ferns are directly mounted onto a wooden board, the board is then hung on a wall.

    The end result is a beautiful green looking fern. The leaves sprout out in all directions and it is said that the leaves are non toxic to animals as well so in case one's pet reaches it, it would not harm them. These ferns in the jungle are evolved to cling sideways on to trees and large plants.

    They can grow really large too and can be as heavy as a hundred pounds! This plant surely needs to be maintained like every other plant, but that is worth it considering how good it looks on the wall.

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