Porsche Creates A Futuristic Porsche To Be Released In 2020

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    Design Design Apr 25, 2017 12:52 PM EDT


    Recent news have come in describing the latest Porsche concept design that is to come in the near future. Porsche has announced the 911E Concept and it looks absolutely stunning. The concept color car is in white and it shows every aspect of grace mixed with power at once.

    Truly a stunning model. According to Square, it features a concealed tire design. The tire design is a tribute to the Rolls Royce Vision 100 Concept. A lot of people are saying that they prefer a concealed tire look more likable compared to a hover car with no wheels.

    The concealed tire look is pretty much the best part of the car. It is amazing how just one aspect on the wheels completely turns an innocent looking sports car to something that looks straight out of a fictional movie. The wheels are concealed which means the same material which is on the body covers the entire sides of the wheels too.

    The covering flushes with the rest of the body making the entire car seamless from one end to the other. This means that the tires can go along with the curvature of the car and make it look really unique without the curvature being compromised because of the cutouts for the tires.

    Another great thing about the 911E concept is the spoiler. The spoiler is concealed in the trunk almost perfectly to a point where it is not noticeable. However as soon as the car hits incredible speeds the thing will just come out instantly making the design look even more amazing according to Yanko Design.

    The Porsche is set to come out in 2020. Three more years until this beast of a car could be on the road and it will be the most unique looking car out there. Sadly, people will have to wait.

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