How Virtual Tecnology Can Help With Landscaping

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    Technology Technology Apr 20, 2017 01:17 PM EDT


    Virtual Technology is no longer just a feature used in gaming anymore. It is so much more than that. A previous article read that it is used to train NASA scientist. Now the latest news said that it is being used to further help in landscaping.

    Landscaping is a process where a piece of land is slightly or heavily altered the way an architect wants it. However previously the best that could be done was a drawing of what the land could look like. If extra effort was to be put then maybe a 3D rendition.

    The Mustacine Journal has recently published an article regarding how virtual realaity can be used to augment reality. In the most basic of ways, it works exactly like how Pokemon GO works. The camera uses to view the environment live and a model of the pokemon is put on the screen.

    This creates the illusion that if seen through the device, the pokemon is in the human reality. The same logic applies here if a camera sees the land that needs to be landscaped, it can add the various things needed to get the landscaping done.

    For instance, according to the Washington Post, if there is the side of a house that needs to be turned into a garden, it can be augmented into virtual reality. Applications can be used to add flower pots on it, make the grass grow a bit, add some decorations on the wall, and the list goes on.

    This could speed up the planning process of landscaping by a mile. It will be much more accurate than a drawing, and it will be much faster to do than make a 3D model. This reality can be altered as well if any change needs to be done and a live view of it can be seen.

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