Superfan of The 'Simpsons' TV Show Gets Ultimate Homer Tattoo

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    Art Art Apr 20, 2017 02:07 PM EDT


    The "Simpsons" Tv show has been around for well over 27 years now. Almost reaching its third decade in the industry, it is sure to create some superfans. Recent news have reported that one superfan has proved himself as a superfan.

    Homer Simpson is the main character in the TV show. He is known to be a funny person, somewhat thick in the head, and filled with innocent which leads him up to no good. This creates a unique TV personality for him in the film industry.

    Hungary Today did an article on the superfan and it was found that Ricky Viner, 32 year old restaurant manager, has gotten the ultimate Simpsons Tattoo the world has yet to seen. The Tattoo features none other than Homer Simpson as well.

    The Tattoo is on his right arm and is filled to the brim with drawings of Homer Simpson, Only. Throughout the years of the show, Homer has made a vast amount of different faces to signify his humor on the TV show. This tattoo probably has every single one of them.

    The favorite would perhaps be Homer's face shaped as a donut since that is his favorite food and in the hole of the donut a smaller Homer's head is seen popping out and smiling. Just like David Maye from the Huffington Post said "He spent a lot of "d'oh" on these tats". He is probably right, Tattoos cost a fortune sometimes.

    It is no doubt that the restaurant manager has probably been seeing the show since he was very young and is still deeply attached to it. Considering his high employment status, the tattoos are sure to give him no trouble at all. Let's hope that the show goes on for his lifetime to ensure that his amazing tattoo gets all the love and apperciation it can get. 

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