Disney's Camera For Shy Children

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    Technology Technology Apr 24, 2017 10:03 AM EDT


    It is always the tiny creations which have a lot of thought put into them that matter the most and amount for most of the things. Recent news have shown that a camera was invented for Disneyland which is mean to help the children feel more safe and comfortable.

    Abduzeedo has recently covered this new camera concept which they said was quite the unique idea. This is known as a child friendly camera and it is a way to get more kids to engage themselves while they were in Disneyland.

    The idea was posted on Behence by a person called Soo Mok who is the brains behind this project. The reason it was made was for shy kids. Disneyworld is filled with Disney characters running around trying to greet people. There are some children who do not feel comfortable seeing them and getting close to them.

    The purpose of the camera is for the children to look at all these fun characters through the lens of a camera so they can have a more comfortable viewing experience and fence a sense of safety behind the lens. This shows that instead of trying to ignore one's weaknesses, these weaknesses are taken care of.

    The device is said to have some augmentation in it, something like smartphones while they play Pokemon Go. This could give them missions to do in Disney World. This is also a way to get them engaged in activities. However perhaps the best feature of the camera is its design.

    The camera comes in three different color designs. There is the white, black, and red design which is called the Mickey Mouse. There is a white, red, yellow, and blue design which is of course called the Donald Duck. Finally, there is a red and yellow design which is the Winnie The Pooh design. People may just want these cameras even out of Disney World.

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