Buckminster Fuller’s Dymaxion & Hajime Nakurawa’s AuthaGraph: The Battle of Revolutionary World Maps

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    Articles Articles Feb 27, 2017 08:28 AM EST


    The eyes of the world are currently on Hajime Narukawa's AuthaGraph world map, though no can also forget the innovative works of Buckminster Fuller on Dymaxion. The two are being endlessly compared now; hence, here is a short discussion regarding the two.

    According to Open Culture, when Japanese architect Hajime Narukawa unveiled his personalized world map, the AuthaGraph, people can't help but compare it to Dymaxion. The two are both flat map surfaces that can be converted to dimensional globes.

    "For the layman, engrossed in belated, war-taught lessons in geography.... The Dymaxion World map is a means by which he can see the whole world fairly at once," Fuller said as quoted by the report on Life Magazine.  This is what the designer aims to happen. 

    Buckminster's Dymaxion name actually applied to several of his works. The entire range of maps match well the globe's point it will be accurate when it's flat and not.

     Dymaxion map for upcoming exhibition

    A post shared by James Edward Williams (@iamesw) on Dec 30, 2016 at 7:23am PST

    On the other hand, Inverse reported interesting details as well about the Hajime Narukawa's AuthaGraph. It's currently the most accurate world map there is today, it has the nearest possible representation of the Earth's land and water measurements.

    Narukawa's AuthaGraph even won the prestigious "The Good Design Grand Award" for his masterpiece. On its website, it said that it can also be used on tracking international space station orbit just through its flat surface.

    In an interview, Hajime Narukawa stated that he had Dymaxion as a guide on finishing his very own world map. This is why there are similarities that people can take note about the two. Though, the latest is surely the better one due to the fact that it even included Antarctica on accuracy.

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