The All-New Toyota Prius Prime: Everything You Need to Know

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    Design Design Mar 14, 2017 12:20 PM EDT


    After twenty years and four generations later, the Toyota Prius has now a new name, a new face yet still retaining its tagline as the most sold hybrid in the world. Formerly recognized as a plug-in Toyota Prius, it now gets a brand new standalone variant name called the Prius Prime. The advancement made by Toyota is a move that will defend its current market position against the rising competition in Japan and other international markets.

    This is the first time a plug-in hybrid variant of Prius will stand out from the regular hybrid model carrying similar design cues from the Prius family according to CNN. The face or the body looks aggressive and different from the regular Prius. The design at the back shows a bigger wing with an integrated taillight along its edge. The lights at the outer corners collectively create a track of red light at the back of the car. The Prius Prime has thin headlights with black inserts, blacked-out C-Pillar, which gives it a refreshing and distinct look.

    Toyota also has introduced a 1.8 Liter petrol-electric plug-in hybrid drivetrain system, which produces a power of 95 HP and an electric power sourced from a lithium-ion battery pack. Overall, the Prius Prime produces a maximum power of 121 horsepower and mated to a CVT gearbox.

    The Prius Prime claims that to have a use for a little over 2 hours when plugged into a quick charge using a 120-volt charger. It is equipped with the regenerative brake system, which sends power back to the battery back according to Car and Driver.

    On the inside, it has a nice interior and features an 11.6-inch vertically-oriented touchscreen infotainment system supporting a navigation system but does not carry Apply CarPlay or Google’s android auto. It is also loaded with additional efficiency apps and tools like a charging station finder and remote management of charging functions. In the global market, the Toyota Prius Prime is a rival to Hyundai’s Ioniq and Cheverolet Volt.

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