Brexit Bill: UK Housebuilding Industry Will Lose 176,500 Workers Soon; Alternatives On The Way?

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    Articles Articles Mar 17, 2017 09:29 AM EDT


    Brexit Bill's threatening results will be starting soon with Britain. In essence, architecture, design, and construction community is already looking for alternatives when it hits. The impacts of Article 50 will surely be massive and they know it.

    According to the Telegraph, Royal Institution of Surveyors has revealed that UK's homebuilding industry will soon decline by 8 percent - 25 percent because of the Brexit Bill. The answer might be massive hiring and prefab housing as substitutes. 

    Planning consultancy Arcadis noted that the UK must combat Brexit Bill results by hiring 400,000 workers annually for the next five years. Rics UK Policy Head Jeremy Blackburn noted that the government itself must do something about it.

    Blackburn further told Britain to look for more private investors and providing skilled worker visa. It will surely combat the Brexit Bill's effects. As of the moment, the construction profession is still underappreciated and that should change now.

    According to Reuters, it shared that many giant companies are also noting the use of prefab housings. This kind of manufactured houses tremendously lessens the need for workers. Brexit Bill will not anyway be a problem. 

    Berkeley, Taylor Wimpey, Persimmon and Your Housing are a few of prefab housing enthusiasts.  Though, the idea is long rejected by many. They can't help but rely on it with the possible labor shortage due to the Brexit Bill. 

    "Fundamentally, the construction industry has been doing some things the same way for hundreds of years," Berkeley Chairman Tony Pidgley explained about prefab housing for Brexit Bill. "Historically, we had the labor... But the challenge is different now," he added.

    To end, Brexit Bill or Article 50 is the new driving force for the reshaping of the architecture, design and construction industry today. It's too early to see the way it will go but companies will surely adapt to it. 

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