Street Art: See It From Makeup's Incredible Packagings to the World's Best Cities

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    Art Art Mar 17, 2017 11:14 AM EDT


    Street art is now all over the world even on make ups. Find out where to see the best of it from Urban Decay's newest Jean-Michel Basquiat Collection to Athens. 

    Visual art grew from simple canvas to city's street walls since its 1980 boom. Because of its boundless context, many people got hooked on it. Today, it's still a growing trend that's so-called Street art now. 

    According to Refinery29, it shared the most interesting launch of makeup brand packagings today. And it's all about street art! This move is indeed a huge turn-around for the art that's been on the road for so long. 

    As of now, Urban Decay has the loudest street art packaging. It's because it highly paid tribute to Street Art that the main designer is not simply a creative person.

    Jean-Michel Basquiat himself created the makeup's street art design. He is a renowned American artist that held exhibitions in many museums across the globe. 

    Some of the other cosmetic brands that paid tribute to Street Art are Yves Saint Laurent, Bond No. 9, Maybelline and Mac. Paris-based street artists JonONe and Contemporary street artist Chris Riggs also lend their talents for Jin Soon and Guerlain.

    For the best places to see Street Art, Europe, Australia and US are the prime spots. Independent reported the best of each location. 

    Starting with Berlin, it's historically rich with Street Art. Just head to East Side Gallery that few meters away from the Berlin Wall to see the stunning105 paintings. Further, Athens is also a nice site to visit. There are even organized street art tours for it. 

    Melbourne's Street Art murals and graffiti are likewise must-see. Most building owners in the area let artists decorate their walls. Hence, visual art is really alive here. 

    Lastly, New York City's Lower East Side is something too. Before the famous bars and restaurants, Street Art will stop anyone in their tracks first. 

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