Chuck Taylor News and Updates: Converse Launches Modern Collection [VIDEO]

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    Articles Articles Mar 17, 2017 11:56 AM EDT


    Converse just released a completely new Modern collection of their popular Chuck Taylor classic design and fans of these shoes love it. The designs are sleek and modern yet the look still holds the signature Chuck Taylor appearance.

    The Converse Modern Collection features Chuck Taylor design but, by suggestion of the name, gives it a more modern twist. The look that they gave the classic Chuck Taylor is a cross between the iconic image of these sneakers but with the use of modern materials and new types of fabric. In the article made by Design Milk, they wrote about the reasons why the popular shoe company would make a collection such as this.

    Turns out, the ever-popular Chuck Taylor shoes is around 108 years old already! This is perhaps the reason why Converse decided to celebrate its turning of a century with a fresh batch of new designs. The Chuck Taylor All Star collection has always been a fan favorite and Converse is not going to jeopardize that.

    The Modern collection that came out shows the classic look of the Chuck Taylor shoes but with improvised materials from Converse. The shoes are more lightweight and the fabric used is mesh overlapped with each other. This gives the shoes a sturdier appearance especially when you give a closer inspection of these products.

    To top that off, Converse even added different colors for the shoes, which in turn gives the customers more choices for their favorite Chuck Taylor pairs. The colors come in a selection of Black, Navy, Ash Grey, Olive, and Deep Bordeaux. The look that these pairs have makes the shoes edgier yet refined at the same time.

    It still comes in two options of the famed Chuck Taylor: high cut and ankle length but the Modern collection of Converse does not have the classic fabric with it anymore. In fact, the look appears more 3D due to the mesh. You can look at their collection through the official site of Converse.

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