Kasita: High-tech Small Houses That Are The Solution To Housing Problems [VIDEO]

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    Architecture Architecture Mar 14, 2017 12:22 PM EDT


    Housing has always been one of America's problems yet during the SXSW festival, a start-up for high-tech small houses named Kasita came up that would very much be the solution. The person responsible for this proposal also has an interesting history and reason why he came up with this project.

    Dezeen magazine's focus during the SXSW festival was Kasita, a startup project that involved high-tech small houses in serving as the solution for America's housing problems. Kasita came from the Spanish word "small house," which was very fitting for the project as the houses were indeed small. The person behind this project is a professor who is now an entrepreneur. What is touching is that this person used to live in a dumpster and know how difficult it is not to have a roof over one's head.

    However, these small houses are more than just your regular abode since it is high-tech and you can use an app to control it. Kasita started in 2015 where they built their prototype and started modifying the model. Now, the unit sells for 139,000 USD and the price would even go lower to those who would buy wholesale or multiple units. The consumer market they target range from urban millennials to middle-class people and even retirees. These high-tech small houses are very adaptable as they can be in an urban and rural setting.

    Small houses are starting to be the next big thing for the future according to Granite Transformations especially for the millennials because these types of residences are not too costly, they help the environment, and to top it off, Kasita made them high-tech. Like many small houses, there are plenty of convertible parts. A living room can also be a bedroom at the same time. It is not like the regular spacious houses and it is rather cozy due to its size. They do not look cluttered nor are they suffocating either.

    So how high-tech are these small houses by Kasita? A mobile app controls the lights, window shading, the thermostats, the entertainment system, and the smoke devices. They also have a video doorbell to ensure the safety of the residents. If that is not enough, they also have equipment controlled by voice commands. Yet, the people in charge of Kasita are still working on improvements for their future prototypes.

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