Interior Lighting Design Meets Innovative Tech In These Luminous Light Panels

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    Interiors Interiors Mar 20, 2017 02:31 PM EDT


    Interior lighting design doesn't usually translate to good tech, but in this case, the combination of the technology used in light makes all the difference. In most cases, the lighting in a room can drastically change its mood and setting.

    Although setting up a room's dramatic lighting involves a lot of work, and can be a hassle in its own right. With the help of a little tech that goes along with interior lighting design, the process of setting up a room's mood and vibe can get a lot more convenient.

    According to Toronto Sun, green tech company Nanoleaf has the perfect solution to any homeowner's lighting dilemmas. Enter the Aurora, lighting panels that come in a triangular shape.

    The Aurora sports a modular design, which means owners can pair multiple triangular light panels to form whatever shape they desire. What makes the Aurora's interior lighting design even better is its customizable options.

    Nanoleaf has created a mobile app specifically for the Aurora light panels. Owners can change the various settings for their Aurora lights, such as using presets or choosing their very own interior lighting design.

    The lights themselves can be configured to alter their colors independently or change simultaneously, depending on the owner's preference. The app includes a full color wheel, for that truly unique interior lighting design look.

    The Aurora has the customization and convenient interior lighting design that can fit almost any homeowner's needs. For artistic types, however, not just any modular design would do.

    This is where Dutch lighting company Ay illuminate comes into the picture. According to Canberra Times, designers at Ay illuminate have come up with lighting that that they describe as "authentic", "unpretentious" and "easy to live with."

    This artistic interior lighting design is made in a way that it adds "texture" to interiors, while not acting as "visual clutter." This is certainly the type of traditional organic lighting that would fit well in the homes of artists.

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