China’s Longest Elevated Cycling Route Is Now Open

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    Architecture Architecture Mar 20, 2017 04:47 PM EDT


    The world’s longest elevated bike path just been opened this month in Xiamen, China. It is measured to be five-mile long and sixteen (16) feet wide. A pathway dedicated only for bicycles. It is dubbed as the ‘winding viaduct’.

    The exclusive cycling path was promoted by the Xiamen City Government, according to Standard. They aim to provide the residents of the city with an alternate sustainable transportation that could increasingly reduce vehicular traffic on congested highways. The route can accommodate 2,023 cyclists per hour. At the same time, there are also 300 hire bikes available for people who do not own a bicycle.

    Arch Daily reported that the cycling path are connected to thirteen (13) points to other public transport systems. This will help facilitate convenience in the daily commute of the residents across five residential neighborhoods of the city and three financial centers. Eleven (11) of the exchange points are bus stops on the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) route which are on an elevated road parallel to the cycling path, while the remaining two (2) exchange points are connected to Xiamen’s metro system.

    Aside from the cycling pathway, it has eleven (11) spiral ramps for continuous riding, a public bicycle station which houses 355 bikes, 253 parking spots across seven platforms, and 30,000 lights are installed to safeguard cycling at night.

    The architectural designer of the cycling path is Dissing + Weitling, a Copenhagen-based firm whose known for the creation of the Danish bicycle snake cycle route. The project took less than a year to finish, from planning to completion. The architects shared that the project was developed with a vision to inspire people to prioritize green alternatives such as the bicycle instead of the automobile.

    Travelers by foot are also welcome to enter the cycling path as several pedestrian lanes are constructed and conveniently designated by color to prevent confusion or accidents with cyclists.

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