New Travel Ban Executive Order Now Includes Banning Of Tech From Middle-Eastern & African Airlines

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    Technology Technology Mar 21, 2017 03:03 PM EDT


    A new travel ban executive order that bans the bringing of tech via hand-carry is becoming an alarming issue for travelers coming in and out of the United States. The recent immigration ban in the country is bad enough as it is, for traveling Americans.

    Now, traveling to and from America is going to be more of a hassle than before. The new travel ban executive order that was issued on American airports prohibits the bringing of tech gadgets laptops, media players and handheld gaming devices on the airplane.

    While travelers are still allowed to use and bring their cellphones aboard the plane, their tech gadgets should be in their checked-in luggage. According to Engadget, this new travel ban executive order that focuses on banning gadgets, affects travelers from over 12 airlines in 10 airports across the country.

    This includes Middle-Eastern, African, Royal Jordanian and Saudia airlines. Although the new travel ban executive order itself is temporary, as it will be lifted after four days.

    It is unclear as to why the ban was implemented, as Homeland Security is yet to publicly address the issue. However, some are speculating that this has something to do with intelligence reports that indicate an imminent terrorist threat.

    In other news, the main new travel ban executive order is still causing problems for the country. While the revised version of the ban was blocked by federal judges in Maryland and Hawaii, it's still causing problems for international students seeking education in America, according to The Detroit News.

    Regardless of the changes made in the new travel ban executive order, the problem still persists in universities within the United States. The source mentioned that there has been a significant 39 percent decline of international student applications in the country, ever since the immigration ban.

    The decline is quite unfortunate since, there's a wealth of talent that can be found in the international student groups. Unfortunately, the new travel ban executive order is preventing that talent pool from entering and benefiting the country. 

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