Incredible Beach House Interior Inspirations By A Tiny Barcelona Home

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    Interiors Interiors Mar 27, 2017 01:20 PM EDT


    Holidays in the beach is indeed a slice of heaven. And sometimes, it's just too painful to leave behind the beauty of the sea. Hence, here are some of the amazing interior inspirations for a beach house inspired design. A small apartment in Barcelona showed how to do it.

    In a report by Contemporist, it shared the secrets of a tiny home in Barcelona. Notably, it's how to create a beach house inspired space.

    The Barcelona apartment is just 400 square feet. Its Beach house theme spanned from all over it. When its walls are not in cloud white and sea blue, it's in terracotta brick in sand color. From the bedroom to the kitchen, it's all the same.

    For the furniture, there are some not in shades of blue. Most are in black and gray, the two are actually good colors to neutralize the beach house inspired hues. Then, the small space in Barcelona also incorporated woods and plants to make it cozier. It actually set more authenticity of nature much like in coastal areas.

    In addition, Country Living also suggested some really easy beach house inspirations. All of it are incredibly perfect for any space may it be in an urban area.

    First, a sunny breakfast are is a good start for beach house theme. Make an ambiance that will make anyone barefoot with a mismatched blue and cream table and chairs. Then, lean a pair on oar on the sides.

    Wood details are also said one of the best features of a beach house inspired space. To take note, most homes on the coastal areas are really made of it. Logs are the only resources they use to make shelters.

    Lastly, adding some really pretty accessories is likewise a great thought for a beach house theme. A beach hat, beach photos, and glass enclosed sand are some the most excellent examples of it.

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