Japanese House Barbican Exhibition Architecture Highlights Japan's Extravagant & Awe-Inspiring Designs

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    Architecture Architecture Mar 29, 2017 10:09 AM EDT


    The Japanese House Barbican exhibition features some of Japan's intrepid yet traditional architecture resulting in a design that's truly captivating. The traditional architecture of Japan is something that's very much unique to their homeland.

    From intricate design patterns to utilizing the most out of space, the Japanese architecture gives viewers a sense of astonishment and wonder. The traditional structures featured in the Japanese House Barbican exhibition, are bold in design, while still maintaining a sense of austerity.

    According to The Guardian, the architectural design featured in this exhibition highlight the sheer imaginative prowess that Japanese architects possess. One of the more daring designs featured in the Japanese House Barbican exhibition is Sou Fujimoto's House NA.

    Fujimoto's architectural design features multiple rooms stacked on top of one another. Most of these rooms are enveloped in clear glass, making them completely transparent to the viewers looking from the outside. The modern design seen in these Japanese House Barbican Exhibit structures is pretty much ahead of its time.

    The Japanese have come up with these experimental architectural designs after the conclusion of World War II. The modernism approach in architecture is evidently seen in the structures featured in the Japanese House Barbican exhibition.

    With that said, Japanese architects back then came up with architectural designs that are still being adapted to this day. According to Dezeen, the Japanese House Barbican art gallery has a lot more to offer in its content-rich exhibition.

    A varied range of galleries span across the exhibit, including works from renowned Japanese architecture studios like Toyo Ito, Tadao Ando, Atelier-Bow-Wow and Kenzo Tange, to name a few.

    Another crowning jewel of the Japanese House Barbican gallery is a full-scale replica of the well-known Pritzker Award-winner Nishizawa Moriyama's actual house. Viewers are even treated to a booth that plays "Moriyama-san," a film that gives its audience an overview of the homeowner's life.

    Overall, the Japanese House Barbican art exhibit takes guests on a time machine. A time when innovation directed the architectural design that is still seen to this day.

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