Historic Sites In Indiana At Risk Of Being Lost Forever, Local Communities Act To Save Them

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    Architecture Architecture Mar 30, 2017 04:00 PM EDT


    Historic sites in Indiana are in a dire state, as local groups and non-profit organizations work together in an attempt to revive these iconic landmarks. There are lots of landmarks in Indiana that incorporate architecture that is unique to that area.

    One of these historic sites in Indiana can be found in the city of Gary, where notable landmarks such as Union Station and the City Methodist Church lie in ruin and in a decaying state. However, there has been a strong sense of urgency from local communities and organizations in saving these iconic places.

    According to NWITimes, a non-profit organization known as The Decay Devils, have come up with an idea to save these rotting historic sites in Indiana. The group hopes to save and revive these buildings by hosting free walking tours through Indiana's historic landmarks.

    The purpose of these tours is to educate visitors about the history and significance of certain historic sites in Indiana. In doing so, the non-profit organization hopes to raise awareness on the importance of reusing and redeveloping these iconic buildings.

    Associate city planner Sam Salvesen explained that these landmarks are at "a very critical point" , and that if they won't act fast enough, these sites will be damaged beyond repair. Salvesen added that these historic sites in Indiana makes the city of Gary "more than just a steel city."

    With that said, Salvesen hopes that people will come to appreciate the history and architecture of these aging historical sites. Meanwhile, efforts in restoring historic sites in Indiana are expanding through methods such as "crowdgranting," according to GovernmentTechnology.

    With the help of a crowdgranting platform CreatINg Places, various community projects such as recreational facilities were funded by multiple donors and local communities. This has already helped fund projects like housing and even tours of historic sites in Indiana such as the preservation tour in Gary. Some believe that Gary isn't lacking in great architecture that's unique to the city, and various community efforts are helping in making sure these landmarks won't be fading any time soon.

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