‘Yuri On Ice’ Season 2 October Release A Huge Possibility; Yuri-Viktor Relationship Gets Deeper

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    Trending News Trending News Mar 29, 2017 05:47 PM EDT


    "Yuri On Ice" Season 2 is now one of the most anticipated animes in the world. Yuri Katsuki's story has taken the world by storm when it aired. Now, everyone is already excited with the big comeback of the ice skating star in the small screens.

    According to 247 Techy, there is a big chance that "Yuri On Ice" Season 2 will finally return this October. At the moment, the anime is already in progress as part of Mitsuo Kuno's statement.

    "Yuri On Ice" Season 2 planning has started immediately just right after the first series finished. The hype of Yuri and Viktor has prompted the anime's team to rush everything. In essence, there was also a leak that it's already nearly finished.

    To take note, the release date is not yet official. "Yuri On Ice" Season 2 updates is still scarce after Kubo's interview. The October air is only an approximation of the time line given by the anime production team.

    On the other hand, Droid Report explored the new plot that "Yuri On Ice" Season 2 will have on its return. Notably, Yuri Katsuki and Viktor Nikiforov's love story is the trending twist last time.

    The Gran Prix Finals is the biggest competition for ice skaters on the "Yuri On Ice" Season 2 and 1 storyline. Viktor numerous won on it long before. Indeed, he is already established as one of the world' best during his time. Unknowingly, he let go of everything after meeting Yuri. 

    Following the grave result of the Gran Prix Finals, Yuri didn't make it again on the top. To take note, it's the ice skater's goal after his mentor-lover Viktor gave his own career to guide him.

    In essence, Yuri and Viktor's relationship will be explored much further now in "Yuri On Ice" Season 2. It will supposedly be both the ice skaters motivation to get back to the rink together. The fans will see how they will once again conquer the ice.

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