‘Bones’ Season 12 Series Finale: Bones & Booth’s “riding off into the sunset” Goodbye

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    One of America's longest-running TV series has finally come to an end. In the last "Bones" Season 12 Episode 12, everybody saw Booth and Bones' final moments. Hence, here's a quick review of what happened alongside with Showrunner Michael Peterson's interview.

    In a report by Variety, Micheal Peterson gave some really interesting thoughts regarding "Bones" series finale. He answered some of the most asked questions about the show.

    The first question for Peterson about "Bones" Season 12 series finale is about the last dialogue. He noted that it isn't entirely scripted, the two main characters just did their thing.

    In relation, the showrunner also discussed what's the behind Bones' shocking loss of ability. "I think it's more important that the lesson was learned - that she is more than just her intelligence - than the ultimate damage," he detailed about "Bones" Season 12 series finale bomb.

    For the ultimate question of whether "Bones" Season 12 might still have the next chapter, here's the answer. FOX and the two showrunners: Michael Peterson and Jonathan Collier already finalized everything at 12 only.

    On the other hand, here's a short recap with E! Online about the last "Bones" Season 12 Episode. Get ready to shed tears with David [Booth] and Emily [Bones] last hooray.

    On the "Bones" Season 12 Episode 12, Booth and the rest, fortunately, managed to deactivate all the bombs in the lab. Though, bad luck still follows the group after Brennan got severely injured.

    Bones can't help anymore so the others need to pin down Kovac instead. Everything led to a violent shoot-out with the murderer where he died. Though, his death on jeep caused a big explosion that racked Bones' brain back with painful memories only.

    The scene here prompts the "Bones" Season 12 series finale. In essence, Bones heavily worried that she will no longer be herself without her ability yet Booth told her that no matter she becomes she will be loved by him.

    In the end, "Bones" Season 12 series finale closed in with everyone getting happy. All the characters have their "riding off into the sunset" sets of goodbyes.

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