Getty Images Gallery Adds Sets From World's Most Famous Architect; Company Battles Google For Promoting Piracy

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    Interiors Interiors Apr 03, 2017 01:45 PM EDT


    Getty images gallery acquires and adds sets from the "world's most famous architect", while battling Google & Facebook for allegedly promoting piracy. The renowned American media company is certainly setting its sights on greater things.

    The Getty Research Institute has recently acquired an important piece of architecture imagery. According to Archdaily, the Getty images gallery added new photo sets of the famous living architect Frank Gehry, into its varied collection.

    This includes architectural photography, slides, project documentation, blueprints and sets that comprise of the key highlights of Gehry's career. The Getty images gallery collection features thousands of sketches, presentation models and drawings of Gehry's 238 projects.

    This ranges from the famed architect's early works, all the way to his mid-career highlights. Getty Research Institute director Thomas Gaehtgens expressed that he is proud to give a home for Mr. Gehry's works and to "further his rich legacy."

    Gaehtgens continued stating that he is certain this newly-obtained Getty Images gallery set will "become an indispensable resource for researchers and curators." Gehry's works represents the highlights of contemporary and modern architecture in the past decades, something that Gaehtgens proudly refers to as a "standout addition."

    These new Getty Images gallery sets are important additions to Getty's stock photography archives. After all, they have established their stock photo set copyrights so that they could combat piracy.

    According to TheAustralian, Getty is taking this issue to both Google and Facebook, since the government is seeking to give them immunity for infringing user-uploaded photos on their respective sites. Getty expressed their disapproval for this move stating that this is "adversely affecting" their business.

    In addition, doing so would beat their purpose of acquiring image sets such as their recent Frank Gehry Getty Images gallery acquisition. Their business might very well be at risk, specially with the popularity level of social media sites that have no control over user-uploaded content.

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