Stephen King Gets Sued In The Hype Of 'The Dark Tower' Movie

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    Trending News Trending News Mar 30, 2017 12:19 PM EDT


    Stephen King's "It" film trailer just recently got released. It immediately became a hot topic on the web but it seems is not the only work he's famous for now. At the moment, the author is also in another hot seat with his "The Dark Tower" series. It was sued for plagiarism content from another book "The Rook."

    According to TMZ, Stephen King's main character, Roland Deschain, is heavily similar to "The Rook" protagonist. Its themes: "time-traveling, monster-fighting, quasi-immortal, romantic adventure heroes" are also nearly the same it.

    The creator of the comic book noted that it's more than a stroke of luck for the two characters to even have the same clothing idea. As the case rolls, a massive $500 million compensation is being asked for the plagiarism.

    Stephen King hasn't released yet any statement regarding the "The Dark Tower" controversy. In relation, its movie adaptation is soon to head out on cinemas. This is also something that's take note about the sudden case. It's only now that's the film is on its hype.

    On the other hand, Hollywood Reporter shared that the initial footage of Stephen King "The Dark Tower" was now seen by everyone at CinemaCon last Monday. This release is actually the first ever update after the adaptation was pushed backed for several times since last year.

    "The Dark Tower" consists of eight books, its fist series "Gunslinger" will be the first to roll out on the series. In Stephen King's movie adaptation, Idris Elba will be Roland Deschain, the protagonist. He will be joined by Matthew McConaughey as The Man in Black and Tom Taylor as the Jake. The trio will be the focal point of the storyline.

    Stephen King's "The Dark Tower" will hit the big screens this coming July 28. Columbia Pictures Film, Sony, media Rights Capital, Imagine Entertainment and Weed Rood Pictures are the authorities behind the movie book adaptation.

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